Pay-Per Click

Launch of a new product? PPC is useful. updated website? PPC is useful. Want leads? PPC is useful. You want greater sales. PPC is useful. Rebranding your business? PPC certainly has a place there.

Although PPC is not a miracle cure, it is a marketing strategy that can help your business develop. Pay-per-click advertising can reach your audience in a number of ways with a choice of ad types.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Formats

Text Ads

Text advertising that are displayed above organic search results in a Google search. Customers can find out a little bit about your company via search ads, along with a link to your mobile phone number. Search ads link interested people to the specified page of your website when they are clicked.

• Text ads with snippet of business information
• Link to call on mobile
• Appear above organic search results

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping advertisements, which are shown above search results, feature product photos, pricing, and store details. Shopping ads, a form of advertising with a high click-through rate, let prospective shoppers compare product features and benefits before even visiting your website.

With this type of advertising, businesses have more chances to be seen online and in Google's Shopping Network.

• Include product image, price and merchant name
• Appear above organic search results
• High click-through rate

Display Ads

Display advertising are visual advertisements that run across Google's Display Network. They might be rich media, text, picture, or video-based. The Google Display Network consists of more than 2 million websites, all of which have areas where Display advertising may appear.

Your Display ad might, for instance, be displayed in a bar at the bottom of a well-known mobile app, to the right of a block of text on a blog, or in between paragraphs in an online news story.

• Text, image, video or rich media advertisements
• Appear across Google’s Display Network
• Great for increasing brand awareness

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever browsed a website to learn more about a product or to gain more information only to have it follow you throughout the internet in the weeks that followed, from news stories to social media to search engines? Remarketing ads are what you saw, and you can produce them as well.

• Appear after you visit the website
• Follow you across the web
• Re-engage customers

Powerful Partnership

Working with our team gives you access to a Google Partner, which is advantageous. Whether you're new to PPC or need assistance fine-tuning your hundredth campaign, our skilled PPC management staff can assist you with your Ad campaigns. We are quite familiar with Google's advertising practices and requirements.

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