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What if there was a method to monitor how users engage with your website in real life? Where do visitors scroll, click, and navigate on your website? We can offer these precise insights using our user experience (UX) tools to support the expansion of your company.

Once UX Intelligence software is integrated into your website, we can record real-time user interactions and engagements. We watch mouse movements for desktop users to see where they click, how they engage with your site, where they scroll, and which pages they visit.

These data are also gathered for tablet and smartphone users. To determine how user-friendly your site design is on mobile devices, we track feedback from the device to show us where the screen is tapped, how people zoom or scroll, and where users click.

The software creates recordings and heatmaps to assess the experience that your visitors have regardless of the device being tracked.

Screen Recordings

We monitor a visitor's mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, form submissions, and other activities. Replay these recordings for analysis and customer experience improvements.

See how people use your site

Playback recordings

Analyze and improve results


In order to identify where people click, move, scroll, what they pay attention to, and where they are physically located, our UX intelligence platform offers heatmaps. Easily track:




Form Analytics

Our UX software offers information on how users of your website interact with forms. We track drop-off, mistakes, user annoyances, and more. Utilize form analytics to enhance usability while improving conversions.

Track form interactions

Measure drop-off

Improve conversions

Feedback Campaigns

To get direct input from site users, create interactive surveys. Get feedback from your visitors to determine whether they need help or are experiencing problems.

Gain customer feedback

Interactive surveys

Hear directly from your customers

Is Your Site Running Hot or Cold?

Has your website been performing poorly? Have you received feedback from clients expressing confusion or a desire for more information regarding your website? With the help of UX Intelligence's insights, you may make specific changes to your website.

Additionally, you won't have to make these modifications alone. A review with one of our sales engineers, who have worked with hundreds of websites, is included with UX Intelligence. They can help you discover significant and minor issues and create a roadmap of remedies for you to take into consideration.

Without a plan or blueprints, you wouldn't redesign your home or place of business, so why would you update your website? Let's collaborate to give your customers and website visitors the greatest experience imaginable.

Tracking Success

You will learn more about the world when you collaborate with our team. Our search engine optimization specialists can track the success of your website quantitatively using technologies like Google Analytics and rank tracking, with hard data to back it up. By analysing traffic, time spent on the site, and pages per visit, as well as a variety of other information, we can assess the effects of modifications. You can use this to get a clear image of how well your website improvements have worked out.

With UX Intelligence, you can get the real facts about how your website's consumers and visitors actually utilise it.

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